Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dharshan Do Ghanshyam with lyrics in English and Hindi

A beautiful Krishna bhajan from movie Narsi Bhagat (1957), sung by Hemant Kumar, Sudha Malhotra and Manna Dey. Music is by Ravi.
Original video from the movie not available, so made this clip to accompany the audio!

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Darashan Do Ghanashyam Nath Mori, A.Nkhiya.N Pyasi Re
Man Ma.Ndir Ki Jyoti Jagado, Ghat Ghat Basi Re

Ma.Ndir Ma.Ndir Murat Teri
Phir Bhi Naa Dikhe Surat Teri
Yug Bite Na Ai Milan Ki
Puranamasi Re ...

Dvar Daya Ka Jab Tu Khole
Pa.Ncham Sur Me.N Gu.Nga Bole
A.Ndha Dekhe La.Nga.Da Chal Kar
Pahu.Nche Kasi Re ...

Pani Pi Kar Pyas Bujhau.N
Naino.N Ko Kaise Samajhau.N
A.Nkh Michauli Chho.Do Ab
Man Ke Basi Re ...

The English lyrics hardly do justice to this beautiful rendition. The subtitle might be unclear at places due to the background. I am pasting the lyrics below for reference:

O Krishna! Bless us with your presence, our eyes are thirsty for the sight of you.
Light up the temple of our hearts, O dweller of every soul.

Lord! Every temple has your idol,
Even then I haven't seen you.
The age has come to an end, and yet
the time for seeing you hasn't arrived

O Krishna! when you open the gates of your grace,
even the dumb sing in mellifluous voices,
The blind see and even the one-legged walk to Kashi to offer obeisance.

Lord! I drink water to quench my thirst,
but how what do I tell my eyes which crave for you?
O Krishna! O Dweller of my heart! Please end these blindfolded games and appear before me.

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